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Evening reading + house cleaning

Due to my previous comment issue and the theme I was using not being supported any more, I decided to redecorate. Plus, being that I am talking about online journalism and the “future” of the medium, I thought it fitting that I have a more streamlined, futuristic theme. I’m quite pleased with it actually, though there are still some minor tweaks to make.

Some reading for today:

Thursday afternoon readings

A quick rundown of some of today’s interesting articles:

‘New Media Bytes’ is ridiculously informative

All right, that’s it, I’m packing it up. No need for me to be yammering away about online journalism stuff when people like Shawn Smith have everything covered over at New Media Bytes. Smith is a senior news producer at MLive.com, the online arm of Booth Newspapers in Michigan.

Honestly, his blog is the most comprehensive site I’ve seen covering topics such as, but are not limited to, Twitter and journalists, new media metrics and how to coerce your newsroom into accepting the online world. Some notable posts:

I’m kidding of course about packing it up, but good grief, Shawn has done a terrific job. Kudos to you sir!

Wednesday reading in the online world

Web 2.0

(See second story)

My obligatory smattering of links for today:

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday morning reading

Yeah, yeah, more readings.

Monday online journalism reads

Today in the world of online journalism (and beyond):

There you have it. Carry on.

Read anything interesting today?