Due to my previous comment issue and the theme I was using not being supported any more, I decided to redecorate. Plus, being that I am talking about online journalism and the “future” of the medium, I thought it fitting that I have a more streamlined, futuristic theme. I’m quite pleased with it actually, though there are still some minor tweaks to make.

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All right, that’s it, I’m packing it up. No need for me to be yammering away about online journalism stuff when people like Shawn Smith have everything covered over at New Media Bytes. Smith is a senior news producer at, the online arm of Booth Newspapers in Michigan.

Honestly, his blog is the most comprehensive site I’ve seen covering topics such as, but are not limited to, Twitter and journalists, new media metrics and how to coerce your newsroom into accepting the online world. Some notable posts:

I’m kidding of course about packing it up, but good grief, Shawn has done a terrific job. Kudos to you sir!

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  • Facebook Reportedly Near Accord Over Origin – Apparently Aaron Grennspan claims he created ‘The Facebook,’ soon to be associated with ‘The Huge Settlement.’ With the company worth an estimated $15 billion and rumor that it well sell public shares soon, I think they can afford to pay this thing under the rug.
  • Cindy McCain is shopping a book – I’ve got to tell you, those McCains are some writing fools. McCain has put out (what seems) like two books during his presidential run. Hell, I think he even put one out while in that Vietnam POW camp. Now his wife is jumping on the wagon as well. McCain’s book are always big sellers too, not that Cindy needs the money.
  • Yahoo/Google deal is anti-competitive: Microsoft – The ‘Search Wars’ continue, or do they? This bit in Wired claims that the Search Wars are over, and declared Google Inc. the victor. From my experience (which is limited) it seems that eliminating almost all competition in a market is just bad. We are taught in Econ 101 that competition is necessary to promote innovation. Now I don’t think Google would just stop being innovative if they were the only game in town, but it would certainly be easier for them to rest on their laurels a bit. However, I do have to admit I am a bit of a Google fanboy, I just love all of their apps and services.
  • ‘USA Today’ Launches Instant Message News Alerts and Search Function – While no doubt useful, there is something weird about talking to robot services in AIM. A news service would no doubt be any less creepy. Gannett has really been stepping up its online game (even stealing the Sentinel’s Flash prodigy last month), so I’ve got to commend them for that.
  • Study: Newspaper Web Sites Dominate Local Traditional Media, But Are Losing Share – Yay, job security! Well, sort of. To say that news Web sites are losing market share to Google and Yahoo! is to assume they ever really had a ton of it. Seems to me that is a winless battle, better to fight on your own turf and compete against other news Web sites. The key is to do things Google and Yahoo! can’t do or can’t make use of on their news sites.
  • San Francisco torch route switch angers spectators – So the torch bearers, on their way to cast the fire into the mouth of Mount Doom, are forced to pump fake and pull the old switcheroo in order to stave off attacks from protesters and rabble rousers. I just woke up from a nap and apparently I am in the Twilight Zone.

  • Court reinstates Pakistan judge in blow to Musharraf – It’s nice to know that even in a country under military dictatorial rule, they still respect the powers and judgements of the courts. It sure would be great to live in a place like that (minus the Al-Qaeda and bombs in the streets of course.)
  • U.S. Generals Request Delay in Judging Iraq – So now September isn’t long enough and Lt. General Odierno is now saying we need to wait until November. Hey, while you’re asking why not just ask to wait until about 2009? Then if it’s good the administration can take credit, if it’s a bad assessment you blame the incoming administration or just make it their problem. It’s win-win (for the hawks)!
  • Judge tosses out ex-spy’s lawsuit against Cheney in CIA leak case – And with that the issue is dead (for the most part.) Cheney gets out squeaky clean, Libby gets his sentence commuted and the machine rolls ever on and over the American people.
  • Bush to Have Colonoscopy – Alright, let’s make with the jokes. 1) Let’s see if they can wedge his head out of there for once. Zing! 2) Hopefully Cheney will take his hand out Bush’s ass long enough for the doctor to do his exam. Zing! 3) Perhaps that’s where the WMDs are hidden and, oh fuck it…Zing? Okay that sucked, next!
  • Airplane Ban on Lighters Ends Aug. 4 – But aren’t lighters still filled with, gasp, liquid? It’s going to be mayhem people! Er wait, maybe now screeners can focus on actual dangerous things and not be so concerned with people’s Bics.
  • Computer wears the crown in checkers – All your checkers are belong to us. I’m telling you, it’s one more step toward CyberDyne and T-1000s…that can beat you at chess! What’s next, Simon?

    News Dump:
  • Bush says “We’re making progress in Iraq.” – By whose measuring stick? He’s using the same logic he uses to take credit for a lower deficit, a deficit which he created. If there are less bombings and deaths per day than a few months ago, does that spell progress? How about comparing it to how many deaths and bombings per day there were before the U.S. gave the Iraqi’s “freedom?” If you create a problem, don’t pat yourself on the back for “sort of starting to fix it.”
  • Surgeon General nominee claims that he won’t be persuaded by politics if appointed. – Then me thinks you won’t have a job very long. This administration has shown that they don’t like it when you don’t play by their rules. Hey, it was an honor just to be nominated right?
  • Miers faces possible contempt of Congress. – Thanks to Bush and the executive branch proclaiming supreme power and privelage over all other branches, Miers could be sent up the river. Take one for the team you baby, and take your sorry Constitution with you!
  • Lebanese army clashes with Islamic militants – I’m shocked. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that an Israeli was killed in Gaza, oh wait.
  • Bush: “CIA leak is old news.” – Hello hand, meet face. I think that rug you’re sweeping all of these scandals under is just about at capacity Mr. Bush.

Ouch, that was painful.