AP on notice!

More and more newspapers are planning on canceling their AP subscriptions due to their new and pseudo a-la carté fee structure. Many of the papers say the AP’s proposed savings isn’t enough to let them keep staff.

I find it admirable that some papers are choosing to keep staff for local coverage over a $200,000+/yr AP account for national coverage. I still wonder what these papers will use for A-section fillers but that remains to be seen. Doug Fisher over at Common Sense Journalism weighs in as well.

Sue Cross, AP senior vice president/U.S. media markets responded this way:

“The last time we had a big rate structure change was in 1984, we had cancellations then,” Cross added, saying the news cooperative is not keeping count of those seeking to drop. “My impression is that it is a very low percentage. The positive feedback has outweighed the negative.”

Obviously this has a more detrimental effect on smaller papers whom a $200,000/yr immediate savings makes a large difference over millions in aggregate savings. This positive feedback most likely comes from the big dogs who can easily afford the rate changes and the negative ripple is not so severe.

I’m not sure how all of this will play out and honestly it’s not my territory, but it’s interesting to read the various reactions to what the AP meant to be a benign change.